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"New" Blog

I realize I haven't updated this LJ since 2012. I use this account to comment in various communities, buy and sell on egl-comm-sales, and read some friends' posts, but I don't update here.

You can follow my costuming and craft projects at my Wordpress account.


Glittery Shoes

I turned a pair of white leather shoes into a glittery green pair. I didn't originally plan on the glitter, but then there were a series of mishaps . . .


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I saw these egg placemats by Belle Banquet and got excited because at first I thought it was a set of 12 egg-shaped placemats with different speckling patterns.
belle banquet egg placemat

I got less excited when I realized it's a bunch of little eggs on one placemat.

Now I'm thinking I should make my own, and paint different kinds of eggs for Easter? They will go nicely with the bunny ramekins I have.

Wardrobe 2012

I haven't participated before but finally did the wardrobe meme on EGL this year:

Oy, it was so tiring taking things out of the closet, removing hangers, buttoning things up, laying them out, photographing them and then putting them back. I gave up partway through accessories. I stopped at about 200 items.

At first I hung them on the back of a door (which would have been much quicker) but they looked so sad and limp. I'm glad I decided to nix my first crazy idea of putting everything on a dress form.

There was a practical reason for all of this. I realized it might be a good idea to have documentation of stuff for insurance reasons. The Victorian, Regency, etc. stuff I sew has been photographed at events, but I'm rather lazy when it comes to documenting most of my lolita outfits.

Happy Halloween!

I had a good time decorating my house for Halloween. Pictures behind the little spider pinata.

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Tiny Birds

I've been sick at home for a few days so I finally did a few of the small crafty things I've been meaning to do, even though I'm too fatigued to do big projects.

Tiny birds nest necklaces!

I have pink and teal eggs.

I'm giving one to the craft sale at work, plus a grocery tote I made.

I have so much fabric and craft supplies I think I should start making things to give away or sell cheaply just to reduce the stash.

Wedding Vendors

So many of my friends are getting married soon that I finally put together my list of wedding vendors to share.

It's all behind the cut!

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Vintage wicker purse

Would anyone on my friends list like a free vintage wicker purse? I thought it was rather charming but it doesn't quite match what I have.


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Grumble grumble

Gunther and I delayed installing a new lawn and landscaping because the underlying sprinkler system needs to be removed and replaced first, and we were saving for the wedding. Afterwards, we wanted to rebuild our savings a little bit before making any more big purchases.

The HOA previously sent a letter to the whole neighborhood reminding us that because of drought and water-use restrictions we didn't have to have a huge lush green lawn as long as what we did have was kept trimmed, neat and weed-free. We have some bushes, flowers and little trees that are cut and weeded regularly.

Apparently the HOA changed their minds because on Friday we got another letter.

We need to install a new sprinkler system and lawn by August 23 or we will be fined $50 a day. =( They didn't make it clear if we have to submit an application to be voted on at the next meeting, like we had to when we cut down the diseased tree.

A landscaper came by today and gave us an estimate of $3900 just for the basics (not including any stone work or little bridges or ponds for my imaginary Japanese garden). It looks like we'll have to do just a plain grass lawn for now.

I hope the next estimate will be lower. =( Goodbye cute little bridges!

Painted Chest

My mom got this for me from a friend of hers that is moving.


Woo! My cabinets are a little crowded so I think I will use this to store my tea set and other party serveware.

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